Eleanor Callow, member of 1955 Canadian championship team

1955 Saskatoon Hub City Ramblers, Western Canadian Senior Women's Softball Champions, Eleanor Callow

Back row: Mac McKee (Coach), Marlene (Gartley) Farrell, Anne (Heshka) Luchanko, Jean (Heshka) Yaremko, Eleanor Callow, Shirley Coben, Dot George, Grace Jasper, Gil Strumm (Head Coach).
Front row: Donna McKee (Batgirl), Beth (Britton) Brack, Sylvia Fedoruk, Lila Green, Joyce McKee, Audrey (Campbell) Coben. Missing: Hazel Miner.

My research, using primarily old newspaper reports, continues. I’m interested in  players’ careers before and after the League. Every once in awhile I come across something that I want to share now, like this photo above.

Eleanor Callow was an outfielder from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada who joined the League in 1947 and stayed until it ended in 1954. She became a valuable player in the outfield and at bat.

She played with the Peoria Redwings, the Chicago Colleens and from 1948 to the end, with the Rockford Peaches. She was also a member of the League All-Stars in 1951, 1952 and 1953.

Some players after the League couldn’t adapt back to the game they used to play, but others had no problem. Eleanor Callow was one of those.

In 1955, she was a member of the Saskatoon Hub City Ramblers ladies’ softball team which won the Western Canadian Senior Women’s Championship. Eleanor is in the back row, centre.

As an aside, people familiar with League players will recognize some other names. Audrey and Shirley Coben are relatives of League player Muriel Coben, and Dot George may be one of Mary ‘Bonnie’ Bakers’ sister, since she was born Mary George and had four sisters, all of whom played softball.

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Grand Rapids Chicks 1949


This must have been taken in 1949 because that’s the only year that Doris Neal played with the Grand Rapids Chicks.

(L to R) Doris Neal, outfielder; Marilyn Olinger, shortstop; Alma Ziegler, pitcher/shortstop; Inez Voyce, firstbase/pitcher.

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Players of the AAGPBL and the National Girls Baseball League

To write Girls of Summer: In Their Own League, I visited a lot of former players in western Canada and in the mid-west, south and west of the U.S. They shared their stories and their scrapbooks with me, but I don’t remember anyone mentioning the National Girls Baseball League (NGBL), although its creation was apparently motivated by the All-American League.

Edythe Perlick and Ann Harnett, All-American Girls Softball League

Edythe Perlick (standing) and Ann Harnett were among the first to be signed to the new League.

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Another AAGPBL photo mystery solved

I posted this photo a few days ago and even sought help on Facebook and Twitter, asking if anyone knew who the third woman was.

AAGPBL 1945-47 Grand Rapids Chicks, Philomena Gianfrancisco, Twila Shively and unidentified player

Twi Shively, flanked by Philomena Gianfrancisco on the left and Elsie Wingrove on the right, at 1947 spring training in Havana, Cuba.

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Nose to nose

This is one of my favourite AAGPBL photos. I was told by a former player who was in the picture but can’t remember who named these players for me. If she was correct, then the picture had to have been taken in 1949 or 1950.

It shows that the tendency to argue with the umpire, which I’ve written about in my last three posts, never died.

Alice Pollitt, Snooky Harrell, Charlene Barnett don't like this umpire's decision.

Rockford Peaches Alice Pollitt, Dorothy ‘Snooky’ Harrell and Charlene Barnett argue with the umpire.

I love the look on Snooky Harrell’s face as she seems to be telling the umpire that she can’t believe that’s how he called the play.

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