1945 photo with Faye Dancer prank

I posted this photo on Facebook and it just occurred to me I should post my question here too.

1945 all six teams of the All American Girls Baseball League (AAGPBL)

All six teams of the league pose for a formal picture at season’s start: Fort Wayne (Ind.) Girls Club (two front rows); South Bend (Ind.) Blue Sox (next three rows, left); Kenosha (Wis.) Comets (three rows at right); Grand Rapids (Mich.) Chicks (next two rows left); Rockford (Ill.) Peaches (two rows at right); Racine (Wis.) Belles (back row). Eight of the players are married, three are mothers, many are engaged. A playing team consists of nine players, not ten as in softball. The league has a total of 96 players. Admission to games: 74ȼ.

You’ve probably all seen this photo (the caption is from the original publication). It’s 1945, I believe, with all six teams including the Fort Wayne Daisies in the front. That’s Faye Dancer, second from left. Has anyone ever noticed that she has her arms behind her back and someone’s else hands are in front? Which is why other players in back of her are grinning, I suppose. Does anyone know if she ever was asked about this?

The photo is from a magazine of the period but I don’t know which one.


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