Rockford Peaches top players featured

In August 1943, the Rockford Register-Republic featured photos of some of the Rockford Peaches leading players.

They aren’t terribly clear, but there are close ups of their young faces that I like. And another thing I like — these were taken in August 1943, just a couple of months after the first game, and the rules about the length of their skirts have gone right out the window!

Olive Little 1943 in Rockford Republic newspaper as Mound Ace of AAGPBL Rockford Peaches Rockford Peaches 1943 All-American Girls Softball Players featuring Mildred Warwick, Helen Nelson, Betty Moczynski, Marge Peters
Olive Little was a talented pitcher from Manitoba, Canada. The other four are (top l. clockwise) Mildred Warwick, Helen Nelson, Betty Moczynski and Marge Peters. Click on the photos to read the captions.


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