League players in pictures

Photographers of the time did their best to get good shots of the All-American players in action but given that the majority of games were played at night, under lights, it’s not surprising that some of the best shots were taken during daytime practices or were staged.

Some of the posed shots were fairly elaborate, like this one of the Kenosha Comets that appeared in the Milwaukee Sentinel on September 15, 1943 .  The city of Milwaukee would itself host an All-American team the following year.

AAGPBL Kenosha Comets poised on fire truck, 1943The idea, says the caption, is to show that the Comets “are going like a fire truck.”

The fact that Mary Lou Lester, Kenosha’s second baseman, came from Nashville, Tennessee was reason enough to put her in the driver’s seat, since Nashville was the fire truck’s ultimate destination.

Many photos of the AAGPBL are well known, appearing on many web sites, but this next one I had never seen before.

July 1944, Horlick Athletic Field, Racine, Wisconsin, shot from behind catcher's mask, Mary NesbittEntitled ‘Catcher’s View’, this photo appeared in the Racine Journal-Times in July 1944. It was taken in Racine’s Horlick Athletic Field from behind a catcher’s mask. The pitcher is Racine Belles’ ‘ace left-hander’, Mary Nesbitt, ‘delivering a fast one to the plate.’

The caption mentions Racine’s catchers, Choo-Choo [Irene] Hickson, Anna Mae Hutchison, and Ruby Knezovich as the only Racine Belles who get to see the field from this viewpoint.

The Belles were preparing for a game that night with the Milwaukee Chicks.


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