Update on Murder in the Clubhouse – a free short story

One hundred and fifteen people have downloaded my short story Murder in the Clubhouse, the girl detective story set in the 1940s world of the All-American Girls Pro Ball League.

MurderintheClubhouse Cover, AAGPBLA few people have been kind enough to leave a ‘like’ or a comment about it, which I appreciate.

But I have a request to make.

I realized that I really need people to rate or even review the story on the Smashwords site, where it is available for download. I have amended my original post to that effect and I wanted to ask a favour of those of you who have already downloaded and read it.

Could you return to Smashwords at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/344440  and leave a rating or review? When authors make these kinds of requests, the sensible ones (I’m quite sensible) aren’t just asking for a ‘good’ review — they’re asking for an opinion of what you liked/disliked about it.  Your opinion is the best resource for readers and — this is very important — to guide the author’s future efforts.

I really appreciate those who have expressed an interest in this blog and in my story. Thanks very much.

Some authors have written about readers' responsibility 
to support authors through reviews. Others say that readers 
owe authors nothing except reading. What do you believe? 
Leave a comment.

About Lois Browne

I'm a mystery writer, blogger and traveller.
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