Toronto Nymphs Shaking Out: 1930s photo spread of girl softball players

I couldn’t resist posting this photograph and the commentary that accompanied it, which ran Apr 12, 1930 in the Toronto Daily Star.

It appeared well before Wrigley’s initiative to start the All-American Girls Softball League, but it’s a tribute to the popularity of the game in Toronto in 1930.

Coverage in Toronto newspapers reported on local, national and international sports and there wasn’t a lot of space given to photographs. To be featured as these young women were was a testament to their talent and to the popularity of the game.

The player on the far right is Thelma Golden (click on photo to enlarge), who did try out for the All-American League and was signed but who returned home before the season began. (See previous posts)
1930 Five girl softball players, Toronto, Connie King, Dolly Todd, Ruth Fee, Dot Price-Strickland, Thelma Golden

Toronto Nymphs Shaking Out
Along with the spring weather comes the question of softball teams and where they will play. Toronto has 1,000 girl softball players registered [as] amateurs with the Toronto Women’s Softball Association and it is a modest guess to estimate the number of school girls and playground athletes who are taking part in the game as 4,000 in the Toronto district. Every playground and every school has its softball league, and from them develop the star girl players who entertain the big crowds at Kew Gardens, Crang’s Stadium and at the Sunnyside Boulevard. Teams are imported each year to match their ability with the Toronto teams and the local teams journey to London, St. Thomas, St. Catharines, Owen Sound and North Bay and other points where softball teams are popular. Here are a few of the girls who are popular with the fans at the Sunnyside Stadium. No. 1, Connie King of the Swastikas of the Sunnyside intermediate league. No. 2, Dolly Todd, of the Parkdale team, who is reported to have recently changed her name to Mrs. Douglas Sinclair, and may retire from softball this year. No. 3 is Ruth Fee, pretty catcher of the Parkdale team. No. 4, Dot Price-Strickland, a pitcher of renown. No. 5, Thelma Golden of the Nationals, another pitcher, whose services are in much demand. Latest reports are that several teams are trying to secure her for softball this summer.


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