About Me

Lois Browne, author, Girls of Summer:  In Their Own League
I wrote Girls of Summer:  In Their Own League, which was published in 1992 by HarperCollins, after visiting with many of the most famous of the ‘girls of summer’  in the communities they had retired to on the Canadian prairies and in the American Midwest, Southwest and Florida.

The women of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League were generous in sharing their memories, memorabilia and photographs with me.

The South Bend Blue Sox, Rockford Peaches, Grand Rapid Chicks and a dozen other teams drew huge crowds and made heroes of hundreds of young women, many of whom were away from home for the first time.

Our conversations and my research in the local archives of the communities that supported them so enthusiastically are the basis for this colourful chronicle of the years 1943-54.

I live in Toronto, Canada. I’ve spent most of my life writing, as a journalist and in corporate communications.

Although I am continuing to research the All-American Girls Softball League and its successor, the AAGPBL, I also write mystery fiction. I’ve written a short story set in the world of the All-American Girls Softball League in the 1940s, called Murder in the Clubhouse.  My mystery blog Making Murder Pay focuses on the ups and downs of this new career, which includes self-publishing, and anything related that might interest readers and writers.

I’ve travelled a lot over the years and will be doing a lot more, I hope.  I lived in Maputo, Mozambique as an international volunteer during the struggle against apartheid, travelled throughout the UK and continental Europe during the 1970s and for a good part of 2012, and passed extended periods in Mexico and Costa Rica.

In 2009, for six months, I was once again an international volunteer with a small NGO in Ranchi, Jharkand in northern India. I spent another month in Pokhara, Nepal.

As much as possible, when I travel, I like to spend time walking in the countryside.  In 2012, I hiked Hadrian’s Wall in northern England and the Austrian Alps and visited the highest point in the Bavarian Alps in southern Germany. I capped that adventure off with a six week stay in Ljubljana, Slovenia, a wonderfully picturesque and interesting city.

You can find more information about some of these trips on the Travel Blogs link above.


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